What People Are Saying

William is honored by those who have offered to go on record and give a testimonial. If you have witnessed William’s ability and would like to write a testimonial please send it to William .

"Friends ... I had an amazing experience today. I went to a friend who is a Psychic Medium. I don't mean he's the kind of friend that I've known for years or that knows me at all. In fact, I just met him today but we are now friends. He is the real deal. He knows nothing of my family but my parents showed up today to talk to me through him. Things he couldn't have possibly known were revealed. He gave me advice ... told me what possibilities he saw for me and it is up to me to take the action. Honestly, it was almost like a therapy session. I left feeling positive, happy and knowing what path I needed to take on certain areas of my life. Remember the movie "The Sixth Sense" ... yeah, he's that kid. No joke. Some of you may not believe because of your faith and that's okay. But those people that have passed on ... are all around us. Look for the signs. No coincidences. It's them. I'm posting his fan page in case anyone would like to experience what I did today. He has no control of "who" shows up. But they do. https://www.facebook.com/Dr.William.Constantine/ "

-- Julie Dolan, Actress


"Had the most amazing experience with William Constantine last night. An actual psychic medium ... my dad spoke to me through him last night and I'll tell you ... it was REAL!"

-- Amy Rudis, Visual Arts Educator


"William Constantine ... This guy! I can't wait to see him all over TV! He is the real deal. The bee's knees! The cat's meow! ... and boy oh boy, does he have spirit!"

-- Krista Allen, Actress


"Having over 30 years, in the Law Enforcement Industry, when we are handling missing persons, cold cases, ransom and extortion cases and the like; consulting with a talent like William Constantine has helped develop leads and answers needed to provide justice and closure.

Having him as a part of the Baron Investigative Group team is invaluable and a tremendous asset to us and our clients."

-- Craig Dierlam,

Lead Private Investigator & CEO Baron Investigative Group


"William Constantine is a highly accurate and authentic Psychic Medium that has provided evidential information regarding cases he is consulting on. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with -- he is truly a Medium that Cares."

Baron Investigative Group Team



"William Constantine is a PHENOMENON!"

-- Joh Morris, Former Manger at Authentic Talent & Literary Management


"William Constantine is the greatest Psychic Medium the world has ever known."

-- Shane Farley, Former Supervising Producer of the Rachael Ray Show

“William Constantine astounded me with amazing detail and insight regarding my loved ones in spirit and my life. Details he couldn’t have known or found via a google search. If You are seeking a legitimate Psychic Medium … William Constantine is it!”

-- Charlie Laine, Former Adult Star


William Constantine is the real deala psychic medium who delivers accurate messages in a thoughtful, compassionate way. With a profound understanding of death and loss he genuinely cares about his clients and the healing process.

-- ANT, Celebrity Comic & Former Host of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club



“William Constantine is amazing and no one comes close to him in ability.”

-- Cheri Lucas, Dog Behaviorist & Media Personality


“Thank you so much for the reading it was amazingly accurate! Especially the part about the Russian Festival in L.A. and all the personal stuff. You are a very gifted individual and I would like to continue our journey into the psychic realm sometime soon.”

Masha Kalinina, Model, Actress, Renowned Yoga Instructor

“William's actions speak louder than his words. In a world where few do as they say and say as they do - Mr. Constantine is cut above the rest.”

-- Greg S. Reid, Best Selling Author & Founder of The Secret Knock


“I have found William to be a true professional. A gentleman, I recommend him without hesitation. Please afford him the opportunity of your business.”

-- David M. Corbin, Author, Speaker & Inventor

“William is clearly a man who doesn't let anything stand in his way. Rising above countless challenges in his life, he has used his experiences to help others facing difficult situations in their own lives.”

Brandy Green, Television Personality & Comic Book Creator

"I had lost my mother, my step-father, and a close friend all within 18 months. I really needed to especially hear from my mother, as there was never any real closure after her passing and many unanswered questions.

William was amazing: my departed loved ones all came through.

Even the few things that I couldn't quite understand in the moment all came to me the next morning. I found him to be highly accurate both at the messages he delivered from spirit and his intuitive reading of me as well. I am so grateful that he shared his remarkable gift with me, as after that time I felt like a burden had been lifted from me and know that my loved ones are still watching out for me.

I highly recommend William to those who are carrying their own burdens and/or grief.

Thank you so much William for giving me peace of mind and for all of your kindness and understanding.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I know that grief can take many forms including physical symptoms when it is not addressed. Also, my loved ones on the other side were all concerned that I had spent most of my life caring and helping others, but I was reluctant to accept help from others and pushed myself to the point of exhaustion in the process.

I am working at taking better care of myself, so that I can give my best to others, while still having time and energy for myself. I will definitely be seeing William again."

-- Diane E. McDowell, Ph.D, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“William is an outstanding metaphysician with a gift for explaining the extraordinary so that anyone can understand and grasp new ideas. His stories are compelling. If you have the opportunity to bring him in to speak to your group, I assure you, it will be time well spent. William is a joy to work with - kind, caring, and interested in seeing you shine.”

-- Robin Jay, Award-Winning Movie Producer, Author & Motivational Speaker

"William has a kind and gentle way that makes you feel you are the only one in the world. He is great at his job and a hard worker. I really think he is talented. If you have not worked with him ... I say don't waste any more time give him a call."

-- Jason Stuart, Actor, Comedian & Producer

“I highly recommend William his gifts are quite amazing. I have known him for over 3 years. He has helped me on several occasions. He has even contacted me to let me know when something was going to happen that I needed to know about.”

-- Carmen Reed, Real Life Mom of “The Haunting in Connecticut”

"When it come to Psychics, William is the real deal.. I have no problem referring any of my clients or friends to ...He has helped me in so many ways."

-- Drew Gomez, Celebrity Stylist and Owner of Dilemma Hair Salon

"I met William for the first time as a participant in a gallery reading at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Tampa. I happened to know several of the people he read, in addition to myself, and he was extremely accurate so I decided to have a private reading. In my reading with William, my father, mother, and miscarried baby came through. Additionally I learned of my mother’s sadness and guilt about her miscarriages which gave me much insight into her. William is a very gifted medium whom I feel privileged to have met."

-- Patricia McGivern,  Author of “Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies”

I hired William Constantine as an Intuitive Business Coach and within a short period of time he honed into targeted areas and was giving me a strategic plan that when I followed through yielded me signing a multi-million dollar contract and acquiring licensing rights to a gaming franchise that I grew up with; and partnering with it’s creator to release an updated version of the series.

I have been read by some of the world's best known psychics and even some less renowned psychics and I am here to tell you that William Constantine is the real deal. He is not only extremely high on the accuracy scale, but he is also one of the kindest, friendliest, and generous people you will ever meet. William is not all about the money, but more interested in helping people. Like everyone else, he needs to pay the mortgage, but that doesn't dictate how he treats the world and other human beings.Since I befriended William after my reading I found a great friend, supporter, and amazing soul whom I am proud to call "friend". If there is one person you should be read from, it's William. I can not recommend him highly enough and I suggest him to all my friends. I now recommend him to you as well.

-- Paul Trowe, CEO Replay Games

"William Constantine 'gets it!' If ever you have the opportunity to work with William, take advantage of that opportunity.!"

-- Lon Safko, Best-selling Author, Speaker, Strategist

“Our listeners loved William. The phones would light up before he even arrived at the studio and were consistently ringing off the hook throughout the show and into the next shift. He was right on with callers and their experiences and brought many to tears with his insight. I personally was a skeptic … but in the first few minutes of meeting William he gave me information about my mother that was right on!”

-- Dana McKay, former host of 96.5 TIC FM’s “The Girly Spot”


William is AMAZING!!! My listeners can’t wait until he is on the air with me and the very next day I get tons of calls asking when he is coming back again. I have always wondered how psychics do what they do but who cares … William is VERY talented at what he does. We all have our calling in life and this is most definitely his!!”

-- Wayne D., former 104.7 KCLD Night Personality & Program Director

"Thank you, William. I was so deeply moved by our reading yesterday and the opportunity to connect with my beloved John. I miss him every day and I truly have not known how to live my life without him. I was so surprised by the accuracy of the reading and even more impressed with the personal things that were mentioned that only John and I would know about. This has been a tremendous blessing to me as I continue to press on with the work that we did together. I now know that John has given his blessing for my efforts and that gives me much-needed comfort.

There is a huge following for the work of Dr. John C. Lowe, internationally as well as domestically, so much so, that I have received countless emails since his websites were disabled which too, adds to the anxiety that I have felt since his departure from me.

William, I will never, in this lifetime, forget the experience that we had during the reading. I am filled with an excitement that I haven't felt since before John's death and I am so very grateful to you and your expertise in helping me achieve it.  If - in the future - you have another connection with John, please let me know and I will gladly arrange another reading with you."

-- Tammy Carter Lowe, Natural Thyroid Solutions


It was very much a pleasure to attend your gallery reading at the UU Church in Lakeland, and to make contact with both of my parents who have passed on. After that contact, I knew that there was more that needed to be communicated. And after our private session yesterday, I feel that I am starting to heal, that a huge weight has been lifted from my heart and shoulders. I am experiencing a closure that I really needed. You are very accurate, and your mannerism when making communication, is like speaking to a brother, not like speaking to a person you have only laid eyes on two times in your life. I thank Creator that you are available to us, to help us on our way through sharing love and light. Until we meet again, Blessings….

Cindy Womble

"My father had just passed away 5 days earlier and I had been knee deep in getting my mothers business in order. Everything seemed accounted for except I couldn’t find any proof that daddy had paid for house insurance that year. We invited William into our home for a private reading so we could connect with my father. My mother was having a hard time with accepting the reality of his passing. William had suspected in advance that we wanted to reach out to my father and had summoned the aide of his Angels and Spirit Guides to find him and bring him to the appointment. He said it was unusually early to expect a recently passed spirit to appear. Successfully my father was present for the the reading. Several amazing statements were conveyed. First he pointed to me and said my father wanted me to know that ” it is better than you said it would be”. Daddy just days prior to dying had said that “when you are dead you are dead! You won’t know it but everyone else will”….to which I said ” this is not true and when you die and see that I am right you will thank me”…..and sure enough that was one of the first things he shared through William.

Then William said ” he is showing me a roll-top desk ( which my father had in his office and did all his bills and paperwork on) and saying that the paperwork you are looking for is on the left side as you sit at the desk”…….exactly correct, that is where I had found the “expired” house insurance notice from 7 months earlier. So I knew he had accidentally forgotten to renew the policy and not replaced the policy with another company and I could then get insurance put back on the house. William also said that Daddy said we had been “rummaging” around trying to find an item we needed for closure. That’s funny because we spent hours trying to find his wedding ring and Masonic ring which he always wore together. I thought I had thoroughly checked the cluttered table beside his living room chair but upon eventually removing every item later that evening there it was! He must have also been frustrated on the other side because we had Hospice check this mouth etc when we saw that he wasn’t wearing it. He had never removed those rings from the day he first got them and put them on. I have heard William say on numerous occasions that spirits don’t lie and if you can’t validate something that is being said that it will finally be shared with you or you will remember. That became the case with a statement that my father told William. He said that he was being shown “85″ and that my father said his life made a major change at the time. William said most times that is a date or a year. In frustration, we knew of nothing that had happened in 1985 or on any of my birthdays Aug 5th 8/5 that would have been a life changing event. But several days later will driving in my car alone I “heard”…”I was 85 years old”……..that’s RIGHT…..daddy was diagnosed with Lung cancer and Lymphoma and for the next 4 years and 9 months he “earned” every day he was able to take a breath. William has made such an easier transition for my Mother and me in letting my father pass over. The peace we received knowing that he is still here but different is very reassuring. I would highly suggest everyone to also give their “passed love one” VOICE. That is a special “gift” we can do on this side to also give them peace on the other side !"

-- Karen Gauthier

"I always thought that getting a reading from a REAL psychic was one of those things I would always want to do, but for whatever reason, would not be able to do. Then Spirit led me to William’s website, and to his internet radio show. I knew I had found “The One” that I could trust, and before I knew it, I was scheduled for a reading.

William gave me a reading that exceeded any and all hopes I had going into it. The people I loved and missed the most came through in amazing clarity and detail, as well as other family members that have passed. When my mother and grandmother were coming through, William, with his beautiful gift, helped me me to come to terms with some 20-year-old feelings of guilt and shame, which have hindered me emotionally and spiritually.

I truly feel healed and free and hopeful. Knowing that my family loves me and forgives me in the afterlife, will help me love and forgive myself in THIS life. William’s medium and intuitive abilities are simply astounding, and I am so grateful that I experienced a reading with him. When one’s Spirit connects with William’s Spirit, it is truly a life changing moment.

William's gift is truly amazing! He immediately made a connection with the people I loved and missed the most! Thankfully, I recorded the reading, because the amount of validations and messages were astounding, more than I had ever hoped for! He is absolutely the REAL THING! No gimmicks - no 20 questions games. If you want a psychic reading that will change your life, William is the one to go to!!!

Thank you William Constantine, for sharing your insights, your Gift, and your love of Spirit!"

Additional Testimonial

"You're straight forward like Sylvia Browne, you have amazing accuracy like James Van Praagh, and at the same time you are completely unique because you are so accessible, personally engaging, and you help others by sharing intense personal experiences. You become a friend to all that are blessed enough to connect with you, be it in person or through social networking."

"It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday, and experiencing your gift. The messages you gave me were 100% “right on”. What impressed me was your accuracy…but mostly your humbleness of spirit in delivering the messages. You bring messages with the utmost of light, love and gentleness, truly being a messenger of those aspects between the worlds.

Your gift, William, is so “clean” and that is what I noticed most about your messages. You are not the first medium I have experienced, nor the first man. You seem to be totally “out of the way” when you deliver the messages and just open up and someone else speaks through you with such love and gentleness. I feel blessed to have been able to experience your gift.

Thank you. I have such compassion for what you experienced in life to have that gift manifest in you. I also have much gratitude for your willingness to “keep on, keeping on” to reach the place you are today….and for the gift that you gave me, and by extension, those with whom I shared your messages that you delivered. May your life continue to be blessed on your journey."

-- Nancy Jean, Author

"To Whom It May Concern,

All four (a group of friends) of us were thrilled with our readings! We just couldn’t believe how accurate everything was and how much information came through. I guess we could say that Barbara, the first one to be read, had the best reading. Diane and I were especially impressed with it because Barbara was a last minute replacement for someone else who “chickened out.” Diane was the only one who knew she would be there and Barbara didn’t even know that she was there for a medium. She thought it was just to see a psychic who was going to tell her future. Since we thought we had tried everybody that we knew might want to try having a reading and still couldn’t come up with a 5th person, Diane was pretty desperate to find another person when her friend backed out at the last minute. She doesn’t know Barbara very well, but she was the last person Diane could think of asking. Diane and I were the only ones there when Barbara arrived. Diane explained to her that it was a reading with a psychic medium, not just a psychic, and that we were planning on communicating with the dead. Then she started telling us who she would like to hear from and why. To our absolute amazement William talked about everything she had told us and more.

We believe that this was all meant to happen and that Barbara was supposed to be there at that time for a reading.I have to tell you that we discussed everything after Barbara and William were both gone. We all agreed that Barbara definitely had the best reading, but that was because she had the most intense issues to deal with. We didn’t have anything to learn about like she did so we weren’t disappointed by comparing her reading to ours. To be truthful with you, I think Diane and I would have been very disappointed with William if he didn’t at least mention some of the things that she had told us about before he got there. He certainly did more than just mention some things. We all felt that just being there to hear Barbara’s reading was well worth it even if we didn’t have any readings for ourselves.

As for me, I couldn’t have been more impressed. My Aunt was the person I most wanted to hear from and she was the first one to come through. William got it exactly right when he said she used to take me to the ocean. That was the perfect thing for him to say to me because some of my happiest memories are of going to the ocean with her. Besides lots and lots of other things that she did through my whole life, the thing that is most special to me is the time that she made possible for me to spend in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. She took me and my brother there every year for quite a few years. I did have a specific reason for wanting to have contact with her, but that didn’t come out. However, I had the last reading and it was getting late by then. I’m sure more would have come out if there was more time.William also mentioned my Uncle who was killed in the war. He was another one that I especially wanted to hear from. Again, he was someone I had a specific reason to want to communicate with that didn’t come out, but I believe also with him, that it would have come out if there had been more time. William got the information about him exactly right too. The story about him was that he was killed in WW2. He was awarded the purple heart, which was given to his wife. His wife later re-married and had a daughter with her 2nd husband. When she died, her daughter contacted someone from my family and asked if they would like to have everything her mother had kept pertaining to my Uncle, except the purple heart. For some unknown reason she wanted to keep that and we have no idea whatever happened to it. The relative she contacted sent everything to one of my aunts. She kept them for a while and then sent them to her sister who is my Mother. My Mother kept them for a while and then gave them to me. I felt that the purple heart should have been returned to our family with all the other things, but didn’t know what I could do about it.Working on my genealogy research I learned that you can get someone’s military records and get replacement medals for them. I decided to give it a try. I filled out all the necessary forms, had my Mother sign them and mailed them in. It took a long time, but I finally got a reply saying that all of my Uncle’s records had been destroyed in a fire they had in the Records Center so they couldn’t help me. It also said that I could send any proof of his military service that I had and they would check other sources for records. Luckily I had all the documents, letters and more that my Aunt had kept. The original letter telling her that she was going to get his purple heart was also there. Sorry this is getting to be so long. Anyway, I was able to get part of his military record restored. Then I was told that I would have to start all over with my request for a replacement purple heart. I planned on getting to it eventually, but never did. Then a year later the purple heart arrived in the mail. I had no idea why because I never sent in another application for it. But then I learned that it was done automatically thru the department that restored his records even though they were the ones who told me I had to re-apply. A couple of other things also came with the purple heart. One is an official document that comes in a special frame. I’m positive that is the document that William was referring to yesterday when he was talking about my Uncle and his medal.

There was one thing that wasn’t right with the medal and I was really hoping William would pick up on that. He didn’t mention it, but again, it’s something that I feel quite sure would have come out if there was more time.

My other Uncle who was killed in a car crash when he was going to the airport to go home on leave from the Army Air Corp was another one I wanted to hear from. William also talked about him and the accident.

At the end of my reading I asked William if my father-in-law was there because I wanted to be able to tell my husband that he was. William got the lung problem and heavy smoking exactly right. William said that something happened when my husband was 8 or 9 years old that my husband would either understand or he wouldn’t. Well, my husband listened to my tape and knew right away exactly what William was talking about. He knew he was either 8 or 9 when it happened, but couldn’t remember which. He fell out of a tree and broke his wrist in 3 places. They lived in the country, but had no car and no phone so couldn’t easily get a doctor. Normally his Mother would have taken care of the first-aid, but this time it was his father who took care of everything. He applied a splint and got someone with a car to take them to the doctor. My husband remembers every detail about it and I have heard the family story many times over the years, but did not know that was what William was referring to. But my husband sure did know. He was very close with his father and has had some very vivid dreams about being with him. While he is a skeptic about all of this, he even says that those were not regular dreams, but that his father was coming to him during those particular dreams.

I want to just mention to you that my husband is still a skeptic, but nothing like he used to be. After years of living with me he started to wonder about these things. Then we bought a house that was “haunted” and lived there for 5 years. A lot of things happened there that he couldn’t explain any other way. Then he wasn’t quite so skeptical anymore. At least he is open to the possibility of unexplainable things now.

I’m sure there are a lot more things about the readings that I should mention. Oh, I just thought of one more, my great-grandmother and my efforts to find her grave. There is a long story about it that I won’t go into, but I did tell William part of it. I assume that she is buried next to her husband. William described the location of her husband’s grave perfectly. I will be going there in July or August and will look specifically for signs of her grave next to her husband’s. When I was at that cemetery before, I didn’t know that her grave was “missing” from our surviving family member’s memories and her church’s records. I have a copy of the church record about her burial there that my cousin got in 1974, but now the record is missing from the church and they deny that they lost her record even though I have a copy of it. I’ve been trying to get this resolved for a little over 2 years now. What William told me just seems to confirm that she is buried next to her husband without a gravestone.

Tina was also pleased with her reading, especially when William said he would get back to her because he kind of cut hers short because it was getting late and he still had to do mine. She’s really hoping that he will get back to her and wasn’t just saying that to make her feel better about her reading. We work together so I’ll be seeing her at work tomorrow. I’m sure we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about the readings. Interesting that William and her son were friends in school.

Again, I’m sorry this has turned out to be so long, but it has been very exciting. There is one more thing I have to tell you though. We all felt that William is not just a great medium, but that he is also a very nice person. He seems to really care about what he does and has a great personality. We all couldn’t help but like him.

I know that I will be back for another reading, but there is so much going on for me over the next few months that it will probably be after things settle down.

Thanks for everything. All of us will be spreading the word about how great William is."

-- Claudia Castle


“William is a super guest, entertaining and terrific. He was right on the money, even predicting years before the election that we would have an African American President! His work is meaty and rich with detail, truly the work of a Master Psychic

-- Joyce Keller, Best Selling Author & Media Personality

“William is truly a gifted medium and many feel that his spirit messages are like being enveloped in a beam of golden light. He shares his spirit messages through private consultations and others find him inspirational in group sittings. In the many years I have known William, his audience respects him and his work. For those seeking an inspirational speaker or wanting spirit messages, I highly recommend him.”

-- Victoria Lynn Weston


“Mr. Constantine has been a great addition to the Jamz 96.3 Morning Show with Big Ray and JD. Listeners are eager to hear him during his monthly spot and callers are lined up months in advance. Having him involved with our show has been a definite plus to the upstate NY area. Each of his segments are enjoyed immensely.”

-- Big Ray Vangroove, Morning Show Host Jamz 96.3


“Thanks so much for the incredible read William. Within the public eye there are believers in the psychic realm and skeptics … you could easily make a believer out of anyone. I was very impressed with your reading. Your clarity on many of my life issues and advance warnings in some cases. You will definitely be my preferred psychic advice provider. You don’t just tell people what they want to hear, you speak the truth.”

--Julie Krystina, Model, Actress, Paranormal Investigator


“I had never met or spoken to William before our telephone appointment. Within two minutes of speaking, he identified something very personal and unique, something no one could have possibly known. I’ve been to Psychic Mediums before, but no one has been as specific and accurate as William. And for that, I am eternally grateful.”

-- TD, Former Discovery Channel Executive


"I've had several readings with William and I have been to many mediums over the years. not only was he able to explain things and give me a clearer picture but I was able to connect with loved ones as if they were standing next to me. It was one of the most powerful experiences in my life and has helped me so very much in this life. I recommend William to people always!!!"

-- Arielle Judd


It was an absolute pleasure meeting you at today’s Expo in Tampa!! I am so very thankful for you giving me the honor of a reading too. Amazingly spot on I must say!!!

You saw a child that had passed away (which I believe was my infant son, Bryce, who died 5 years ago.)

And you also saw my grandmother who was expressing concern for my living father (her son.) Including all of her concerns for his health (the description of all of his health issues, plus his personality traits were completely accurate as well.)

Just like you said…my dad was in the military, he is afraid of death, there is a divide in his family, he has diabetes, he is having issues with his leg and he is feeling depressed and sad because of not being able to fully participate with the family because of all of these health issues. I did tell my father about the reading you gave me and that his mother was watching over him. He was beyond thrilled and comforted to receive this news!

I know of your work and shouldn’t be amazed by how accurate you were, but I still find myself feeling amazed! So awesome!

Thank you again William for everything and I’m sure we will meet again very soon. Take care…


Lori Martini, Florida

I had the pleasure of meeting William three weeks ago at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Tampa. He faced quite a challenge that day as the venue was less than desirable, but somehow managed to block out huge distractions & do what he does best.

William saw an older female who passed from a heart problem & knew this was my maternal grandmother. Through William she told of the current medical issues my mother is having & passed along health warnings for her as well. She also let it be known that she had attended a recent birthday party.

William asked who just bought new shoes? I laughed & said I had no clue, then guessed it was most likely my daughter. When I get home later & got on Facebook the first thing I saw was that one of my sisters had done a little “retail therapy” that afternoon. There in my news update on Facebook was a picture she had posted out shoe shopping, at approximately the same time that William had been doing the reading. That was funny.

“Who’s getting married” was another question that made me laugh. There was no one in my immediate family that fit that description. William assured me that yes, he saw an engagement – a proposal – he was sure of it. I told him that no one I knew was getting married & he said “Then maybe it hasn’t happened yet.” I questioned both of my children that night & neither had any plans of getting married. I ignored his prediction & went off in denial for exactly two weeks – until the day my daughter & her boyfriend went to the Rays game. He had it all planned out, but my daughter had no clue. Film crew, her name on the jumbo-tron, roses & down on one knee with a diamond ring! Wow, talk about a proposal! I immediately gave credit to William who responded with “Gee, didn’t a psychic tell you this was going to happen?”

William has an amazing gift & wonderful sense of humor. He’s also very down to earth & easy to talk to. I am eagerly looking forward to a full reading with him in the near future.

Leisa Lewis

I made contact with William Constantine and the reading was delayed for almost 2 months due mostly to my schedule. Once William provided a reading to me the unthinkable and unexpected had occurred, a member of my family had committed suicide. I really did not think that my family member would come through as it was so new and I thought too soon, but she did. I did not tell William this information and there was no way he would know any of the details that he provided. He was right on from the very start and provided so many details, helpful facts, insights and information that helped me and other members of my family. I totally know that my family member was communicating and William was giving me the information that I really needed to know and hear. There were facts that he shared that I did not even know at that time but later found out happened and were true. William has given me a wonderful gift that has helped me more than I or others will ever know. I'm not stuck on the why, how, and what could have been done that comes so frequently with suicide. I know why and I have an understanding why my family member did what they did. William has given me peace with what has occurred and now I have the wonderful memories that bring me joy, love and a knowing that my family member is at peace and is well. I cannot thank William enough for sharing himself and helping me and so many others though his gift.

-- Tracy Dover Huggins

To Those Seeking A REAL MEDIUM,

I saw William at a lecture he was hosting in Cromwell, CT years ago. The event had been advertised in my local paper and I was searching for a medium with even the slightest ability of the likes of Sylvia Brown, James Van Praagh, etc. I had done the “psychic fair” circuit quite a few times before, and always left feeling completely unsatisfied.I dragged my mom along with me to William’s show, who by all accounts is a huge skeptic. However, it would be a pleasant surprise that instead of just a straight lecture, William opened up the floor for an intimate group reading. I knew William was the real deal almost instantly. When he is communicating – it’s no guessing game. He comes out with legitimate facts – yes, even names! He is able to reproduce such intimate details of our lives that he would never know unless he was in fact communicating with the very close loved ones with whom we once shared those special moments with.Much to my mother’s surprise, part of his reading narrowed in on her own departed loved ones – referencing her father “Joe” by name, talking about her mother who was a nurse, and being able to begin the process of healing and forgiveness for my mom and her departed family. William had my attention right from the start too – not only identifying what had become a common theme in my life at that time, stating to me quite directly: “you don’t go for the nice guys. It hasn’t been easy for you.”What still gives me goose bumps to this day is when William successfully communicated with my deceased cousin, Wildy, who died at the age of 16 in a tragic automobile accident in Florida. I had attended the lecture with the hope that maybe Wildy would come through somehow, as he had been someone I was close with and looked up to all throughout my childhood, and losing him so quickly and unfairly left me feeling empty inside.When William said out loud to the group, “I’m getting a message for “Missy” – this person is referring to you as “Missy”, but it’s not something you like to be called, right?” my mouth literally hit the floor!

Although my name is Melissa, no one, and I mean no one, ever called me “Missy” except my cousin Wildy, and at first it was more to annoy me more than anything. Then it became the only nickname that he would use for me, and he became the only person that I would allow to use it.

Speechless, I just sat and listened to William communicate with my cousin Wildy, who I longed to speak with again “just one more time” for so long. William stated, “I see flames – did he die in a fire?” I insisted that it had been an automobile accident – but William was sure there were flames. “I definitely am seeing flames. He’s showing me flames…” I made a note to myself to ask Wildy’s brother who had been at the crash site if there was ever a fire, but I was sure there hadn’t been. William ended my mini-reading by saying “he says he’s sorry, but he’s ok.” I understood the “sorry” part and cried.

Days after the reading, I called Wildy’s brother in Florida and asked, “Were there any flames around Wildy’s truck when he died?” My cousin replied, “Oh, you never got to see them, but he had dropped over a grand on these flames to be painted all over the body of his truck. He was so proud of ‘em, he showed them to everyone! But to answer your question – no, there was no fire.” I was shaking by the end of the call. William had gotten it right – my cousin had been showing him the flames painted on his truck, the same truck that he adored and would ultimately die in. A detail that even I myself, did not know at the time of William’s reading.

William is the real deal, and is what I consider to be on the break of an emergence that will rival the likes of Sylvia Brown, James Van Praagh, and all the other great mediums out there.

I was honored to have the opportunity to be in the presence of such a great medium, even if it was only for a few hours.

When you see William at work, you will believe. My mother walked out of the room believing too – although too stubborn to admit a full “conversion,” she simply shook her head and said “well he was definitely talking to someone…”

Thank you William for a wonderful night, and for the reassuring feeling that our loved ones our closer than we think. 

Melissa D, CT

After the loss of my daughter from suicide, I have found life extremely hard to comprehend. Having a reading with William has helped not only myself but more importantly my young daughter, whom until the reading refused to talk about her sister. After asking William Questions that she wanted answered (the kind of questions a child of 10 would ask) she was markedly more open, receptive and happier. As familiar words, that my daughter would use came through, the reading serves to help my feelings of guilt and hopelessness.

Testimony update from Julie, a few days after the reading I was talking to my sister that I had spent the Christmas holiday with, and we remembered that we had been talking about the time our young sister would have nightmares about snakes, and as snakes were brought up in my reading from my daughter, recently passed. We are sure she wants us to know she was with us. Also she mentioned feathers and coins and although I collect both, I had bought peacock feather while on holiday and my father gave me some Scottish coins from his recent holiday home. More confirmations came and have lifted our spirits greatly.

Thank you William,
Love and Light
Julie and Family

WOW!!! Am still sitting here stunned and in total awe of this man's gift. Before his reading, I had never met this man nor spoken with him so there was no way he could have known anything about me. Yet, he knew things about my life and those around me with 100% accuracy..... The reading started off wanting to know who had issues with their heart. That would be my father. Then he talked about a young adult who died tragically, which is my brother who died of AIDs. My brother wanted me to know that he loved me, because we didnt get our chance to say our goodbyes, which is true...the last time I saw him was a year before he passed. My brother kept saying something about I had something that he was very fond of....found out from my mom...that the ring she had given me was something Jay absolutely adored. The reading continued, and he asked me about a china cabinet or Hutch....well, couldnt figure that out...but my oldest son's father's name was Hutch. He then asked who was in a car accident. MY OLDEST SON had just been in a serious car accident and somehow had walked away....our loved ones from the other side wanted me to know he was protected and saved. He asked about a friend who had breast cancer and then he got the picture of a large body of water....so at first thought it was my one friend Lisa, who had just gotten back from Germany....but found out later, that one of my very dear friends in Germany had just been diagnosed. There were other things said in the reading--all of which was dead on....that like I said in the beginning....WOW!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your gift!


Hey. Your reading was great. Near 100% accuracy. You told me things you couldn't have possibly have known. Your insight was astounding, almost to the point of creepyness, but it a good way. I seriously had chills. Definately one of the best readings I've had. If I had any doubts before, I'm totally convinced. You rock.

Thanks again,
Seymour, CT

Dear William, I can't begin to tell you what the reading has done for me. You have allowed me to begin to find peace with my father, and finally begin to heal. As I tell my siblings about my experience, it brings comfort to me that that they too now have a way to find some closure. Our father died over a year and a half ago, and none of us really ever confronted him and his M.I.A. status while we were growing up. I hope they, too, will choose to seek the answers you help me find. You truly have a God-given gift, William.

God Bless You.
Russ O'Donnell
Phoenix, AZ

My reading was accurate, I was very skeptical, but some of my doubt was taken away when he spoke of a certain flaw and pin-pointed exactly where it was located on my husband, but what really amazed me was the email that I had received. I was told things that only my husband and I would have known. I was a skeptic and I still kind of am, but I know that deep down, everything that was said was true and I appreciate all of the help that he has given to me to deal with the great loss that I have suffered. It really has helped and I would love to hear more about what he could tell me.

Thank you so much for helping me,
Jaclyn Maher
Torrington CT

I am writing this let let others know . I am as big a skeptic as any , and made it known . After speaking with Mr. Constantine I am a true believer in him . He knew things that there is no way he should have known . If ever you want to know where you should place your faith it is with this man . I am a firm believer now , and will always be .To others whom seek his help , know you are receiving true information in its truest form .

Skeptic turned Believer,
BLESSED BE, Jennifier Waddell

Dear William, Hello, I'm glad that I got a reading from you! I had the chance I have never had before! It?s a lifetime experience for me. This reading made me feel better, relaxed, and happy I can't find the right words to describe my feelings. Now I can try to face the answers of my questions with more guts! You?re very gifted and you do your job wholeheartedly...that's why you are very good at it...again I want to thank you very much.


I am so grateful for the reading that William gave to me. He reassured me of my feeling of my brother who passed away at 19. Things that William could have never known other than actually feeling my Brother. the reassurances have made me feel so much better and I believe that as we go on with our lives my daughters will understand that things are not always as they seem. We are all believers in the Psychic abilities of William and would never doubt anything that was said. Knowing that a family member will pass (cross over) is not a easy thing to accept, however with the understanding that you can communicate with them after is the most important thing to know. I feel the presence of my brother and even talk to him. To know that everyone who has crossed is preparing for the arrival of another family member is sad but knowing they will be met by other family and friends is a blessing.. Thank you William I will always believe as one should see that there is more to life than just sitting around wondering... You have made my daughters very happy and have shown then when speaking to them that life is not so bad when faced with some bad things. Thank You Thank You

One satisfied Lady

Thank you again for an amazing reading last night. No questions asked you just started telling me things that no one could have known. Example the silver watch my Dad had given me for my birthday, the red car, baseball, my dog with the hip problem; these are just a few things that you knew. I am very impressed with your reading. I look forward to chatting again with you and working on finding Stefanie. Thanks for all your help!

Birmingham, Alabama

The reading was awesome! He picked up on a couple of people in my life, that had passed away and I was very close to. One of them being an aunt who had passed away when I had grown up and moved away from Ontario. She was the best. He picked up on it and was able to tell me that she died peacefully which is something that I had always wanted to know. I wanted to know if she had passed away with any pain at all. He picked up on her but he also picked up on my grandfather as well. My Grandfather died of cancer when I was 10. He knew that I was close to him and even gave me some information that only the two of us knew. Kind of scary but cool at the same time. And my aunt, he knew that we were close too even though a lot of people didn't know it. I'm very glad I got to talk to William. He put my mind at ease with the information about them. If I were to rate him on a scale of 1-10, ten being the most accurate, I would give him a 10 hands down. If you ever have a reading done by him, you won?t regret it. I know I don't.

Tara Grozelle
Ottawa, Canada

William is the real deal folks. No BS with this man. He introduced me to my spirit guide (gave me the Hawaiian name), and shared many insightful other personal things with me. I validate his good works and when he speaks you should all listen to what he has to say. He is definitely a man with his finger on the pulse. Angels all around you William, blessings and light with all your good works that you do for others………… for all that come to you,

Reverend Lee Phillips

Dear William,

You’re a man of great intensity and light. In working with you at the Whole Earth Faire in Pittston PA I was greatly moved by your insights and gift for accessing the side of life that most people are completely unaware of. It’s an honor to have met you and to have shared as travelers on a similar path much support and wisdom. Thank you for the continued friendship.

Dave Gutkowski

Dear William,

I wanted to thank you for the extra time you spent with us last night, I know you were tired. I was very pleased with the details and the accuracy of the reading. I have no doubt you will become a well known and respected psychic medium.

Stan Castle, CT

Dear Potential Client of Mr. Constantine,

After our first meeting I knew I had to meet with William again. After 2 readings, William made connections for me with many family members & friends who have passed. He had no connection to me that would have given him the info. he was able to give me. He was able to answer questions I would have never answered without his help. William was able to help me through the loss of my grandmother by showing me that those who had passed before her were waiting to welcome her & that she is now happy.

Lindsay Cribier, NJ

To Whom It May Concern,

William wowed me with a “surprise” reading during an online chat — he identified a loved one who had crossed over with some specific information, which then convinced me to make an appointment for a reading, in which I booked and I took my daughter with me too. He was right on with his facts. I intend to schedule another one on one reading very soon. He’s AMAZING!!

Janis Fontana, CT

Dear Medium Seeker,

William shocked me with the all of the validations he gave me. I was able to get messages from my brother in law who passed away and even from the baby I lost. It brought tears to my eyes when he said my baby is still around and is with my son. William is truly a gifted spirit!

Amy McCarty, NY

Don’t Hesitate,

My ex and I had gone to see William after our son passed away in hopes of connecting with him. While my ex’s reading was a painful one, nonetheless it was truthful. William is kind and sensitive and even shared a few tears during the reading. Most psychics just tell you what you want to hear, William speaks the truth, even things we heard in the reading that we didnt know to be true, we found out later were in fact true. Come back to Winsted William!!!!!

Mary Ellen Pennell,

Winsted CT