Deadly Shootings: Guns VS. Psychologic Breakdowns

Headings like, "Mass shooting at Connecticut school; Twenty children among 27 dead" have become almost common place and that is a sad, but true fact as "random" acts of violence occur around the globe. It's at time like these one wants to blame the gun control regulations, but in all honesty even if people were required to take a full psychiatric evaluation that doesn't predict someones ability to "snap".

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Jesus Speaks

I believe mankind has convinced themselves that they are TRUTH seekers and more often than not they run from that which they claim to seek.

There are many that claim to be followers, many structures built, and many books written. Yet, all of these do not in the least bit reflect who I was – WHO I AM. They make claim to this and that – leaving out whatever doesn’t align with them as to skew their fellow man in one direction or another.

I lived a very humble life. I cared deeply for all life and taught of love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding. I spoke to groups both large and small and remained in service to all who needed me.

Where is the love in Racism or hatred of homosexuals? Where is the compassion in hunger? Where is the forgiveness in the death penalty? Where is the compassion of not getting involved in a Genocide due to Political Reasons – men, women, and children were being slaughtered like cattle??!

God does not judge or condemn – God understands, is compassionate, loving, forgiving. Yet, you write of a wrath of God to scare people into believing or subscribing to a particular belief.

Where were the ten commandments during the religious persecution of those who practiced the Old Ways? Where are they when you are slaughtering millions during war?

You have created a system of laws in connection to me that YOU don’t even practice. You condemn a homosexual couple that expresses love – the true essence of spirit – just because they are of the same sex.

How in all of this do you follow me? How in all of this do you act the way I have?

Many turn against your God in an hour of frustration and blame him for all the wrong in your life.

Do you know when an author or authors write a book they have a creative license – a liberty to manifest the story in whatever direction they choose. The bible has many great facets to it, but how many of the principles taught within its pages are truly being practiced?

Every chance offered, man has chosen a path of EGO and not that of love, compassion, kindness, understanding…

This saddens me to no end.

There was not one moment during my time in the earthly realm that I looked down upon another being – human or otherwise.

You are all God’s children – loved and forgiven equally.

No amount of wealth or belongings that you could amass in a lifetime could equal the value of riches that you already possess within your Spirit.


Don’t preach it! LIVE IT!