The Art of Allowing and Trusting

I wrote the following post back in 2011, but thought I'd share it here...
A big aspect to our human conditioning is this feeling that "we want what we want, when we want it."

There are many things being declared universally that ultimately inhibit your manifestation of that which you seek to experience or create for yourself.

The first being LACK. The mere statement "I want what I want" is screaming to the universe that you don't have it and, thus, you lack it.

The second half of the statement, "when I want it", translates to your doubting its arrival and it cannot come fast enough -- which translates into your not trusting in the universe or "divine timing".

You see, we believe that things should happen on a timeline or schedule -- however, the Universe is not bound by our concept of time and so it's delivery of things are always "late" by mankind's standards.

The truth is that everything happens as it should and precisely when it should. There are many millionaires that have experienced being "broke" before they experienced being "wealthy". In many cases, being "broke" taught them many things including the value of a dollar and gave them appreciation for "wealth" when it came. Yet, many during their state of poverty realized that true wealth is from within them.

For example, when I spent my years being homeless and eating from garbage cans, begging, and watching my fellow man pretend that I didn't exist. The casual but deliberate look away from a passerby is translated to "you aren't worthy of my attention, of my compassion, and ultimately of my energy." Moreover, it for many people, even stated "what a loser you must be to have allowed yourself to be at this place of extreme poverty." Or maybe they think, "Get a job and you won't need to beg for MY hard earned money."

Of course, there are others that are moved by their compassion and yet do not wish to separate from the almighty dollar.

Do you believe that you are "above" others? How much do you place on your status?

While it is true that the homeless ultimately have done something or not done something as the case may be to bring about their homelessness; however, do you believe that because of this error they should be "toss out" as the "black sheep" of society?

I found my years of homeless the most freeing and rewarding years of my life as they taught me much about living and the value of Spirit -- love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, etc.

I know that the dislike of homeless people is a learned behavior just like any other prejudice -- however, just like any other prejudice it can be overcome.

So, as we experience hardships in life -- should we fight them?

I have learned that we should not fight against those situations that we have manifested for our own experience. I learned that NO/THING happens that you do not intend or bring forth -- consciously or subconsciously. So, in effect, on must take full responsibility for their life and the experiences thus far and those to come, and those happening NOW.

We, must remain, in a constant state of allowing in order to fully appreciate and value the lesson we are learning in each moment. Be grateful and allow each experience to unfold acknowledging that we created it and ask yourself, "What am I learning from this? Why have I created this experience for myself? How am I growing into a better human being by having this experience?"

After, I got back on my feet again, I was renting an apartment in a small town in Connecticut. A town where there were plenty of homeless and I found myself buying them meals when I saw them. In addition, I also allowed them to bathe and clean up in my apartment -- a fresh shower and shave for the men.

I also listened to their story and let them know that I cared and more importantly that I saw them -- not as a homeless person, but as an important person with a story. I made them feel human again! I made them feel loved and as though life wasn't worth abandoning and that they could recover if they so choose.

See, part of not allowing, is not accepting responsibility and passing blame. When things don't work out as we intended or thought they should -- we feel disheartened, instead of allowing things to unfold and trust that something better is on the way.

You have to trust in the Universe or God and know that everything will be exactly as it should. Everything, works itself out in the end -- balance ultimately is restored.

We must remember, that we are divine expressions of God Consciousness in the physical form and that by allowing and trusting in that -- we surrender to the flow of the universe. A flow that when fighting it -- we subject ourselves to bumps and bruises as we battle the current of the Universe -- yet, when we surrender it carries us gently to our desired destination.

It is our constant need to rush and "get what we want when we want it" that delays the process if not negates the process by which we ultimately would have achieved our desire if we but allowed ourselves to experience and embrace each moment our desire would be manifest.

We must realize that when we declare something to the Universe or OUR God Mind -- we are setting into vibration a thought which will become a "reality" in our physical world through manifestation. So, if we are coming from a place of LACK then it is lack that we are creating.

We live our beliefs and our beliefs too send vibration to the Universal Consciousness and it supplies the direct result of those beliefs.

A person who is wealthy beyond imagination may be disconnected from true wealth and abundance which a homeless person who appreciates life with every fiber of their being may possess.


"I allow (input experience, situation, etc.) and know that this is meant to happen so that I may rise above it by first going through it, and trust that the Universe is clearing a path for me."

"I trust that my God Mind or Universal Mind is above this (input situation and / or experience) and that I will allow myself to be positively transformed by this experience and trust the Universe will show me the way."