Post Baby Body

So, I get a lot of messages from women who are being judged by men regarding their post baby weight, stretch marks, etc. and these men can be brutally nasty and say that they are not attracted to them anymore or that they are ugly.

Apparently, these men forgot they played a role (albeit a very small one) in the physical transformation of her body. She didn’t sit in front of the refrigerator and just engage in a chow session. She carried a child -- your child -- in her body and nourished it; body, mind, and soul. Her body became the very source of life itself and as the baby grew from her love, care, and nourishment her body transformed to hold the symbol of your love within her.

A stretch mark, is not an ugly thing but a gentle reminder of your love - it’s a symbol of how amazing the female body is and what she endured. So, if your woman, has a stretch mark instead of being repulsed by it perhaps you should man up and trace it gently, kiss it softly, and honor her body and the process.

Now, a woman’s body varies as some loose the baby weight immediately, others it takes time and effort, and others still simply don’t loose it all. Regardless of the situation, if you are repulsed by her or no longer attracted to her then I question if you ever truly loved her as love has NOTHING to do with the physical body and everything to do with her mind, heart and soul.

After having a baby - every kiss you give, touch you offer, whisper you utter, deed you perform should express to her your gratitude and love for her. If the relationship is going to end don’t let it end because you acted out of ignorance and selfishness because you couldn’t see her “new” body as a beautiful expression of your love.

Moreover, if you want to waste time belittling her and making her self conscious don’t expect her to rush or make an effort to get her body back to pre-baby shape. If you think that will happen that she will suddenly want to make you happy and do whatever it takes after you treat her like shit -- you know nothing about women.

To all the women in the world -- Rock your body, no matter the shape or size ... you are divine and you are woman!