Transforming Your Darkest Moments into Brightest Lessons

Throughout the ages, it has always been easier to see and focus on the negative things that have occurred in our life and harder to do with those positive moments.

Now, many of you know, I have had more than “my share” of dark moments; in and out of 10 different foster homes, homeless for 3 years eating out of garbage cans, panhandling, sexual and physical abuse, drug use, and we are only scratching the surface. And even in my darkest of moments, I could always reflect and know that someone had it worse than I did and that no matter what I told myself about how bad my situation was it could be far worse. But, it was in these moments -- the ones I declared my darkest -- that I later became aware as being my brightest lessons.

At the time, I was going through this stuff, I was so far removed from being the Spiritual Teacher that I have become today; however, that’s not entirely true because all of the events in my life led me to have a deeper understanding and compassion for other people and their own journey. In fact, it was these very experiences, that became the foundation blocks in the work I do today both as a Psychic Medium and Life Coach. I used to blame my past for my present circumstance - it was a crutch that I became dependent on. It became the story that I told myself to excuse my current situations and the lullaby I told myself before I went to sleep. I wasn’t willing to let go of the version I was telling myself because then what would happen without it? What would I blame ? Then one day, I was looking at the word “blame” and clearly saw “b lame”. I had this startling revelation that when we blame someone or something we are being lame.

So, I knew there was a connection to my current situation and past experiences but it was the story in which I was telling myself that reflected shame, self-pity, blame, hate, anger, etc. It was the perception of my past that I was reflecting into my present day and future. So, I looked deeply at my past and found the good that came out of every situation. I created a vision board with a new story to tell myself and looked at the board multiple times a day as a reminder and to re-wire my brain to see the past differently than I had trained it to for years previously.

Suddenly, those darkest moments, were my brightest lessons and I realized that they all made me a better Medium, Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher. I encourage you to do the same and make 2017 the year your past no longer becomes a hindrance or crutch but a vehicle of empowerment.

Much Love and Light, WC