Personal Sacrifice

We all hear this term, "Personal Sacrifice" and want to run the other way. Yet, I ask you what if you had the meaning all wrong?

If you are like most people you believe that "Personal Sacrifice" is giving up the good things in life - the things you enjoy. However, I submit to you that "Personal Sacrifice" is letting go of all the things that are holding you back from realizing your dreams.

It's sacrificing couch time if your dream is to be thinner; it's sacrificing busy work and creating time for meditation if you wish to become more peaceful; it's removing the negative people from your life if you desire less drama; it's letting go of your fear of the unknown so you can walk in the light of the divine. It's letting go of beliefs that are no longer in the highest good and intention of yourself - the ones that your ultimate self would never have. It’s letting go of a toxic relationship because you desire something greater.

It's sacrificing your old story to replace with a new and improved version ...

Sacrifice is giving up the things you DON’T enjoy so that you can have more of the things you DO enjoy!

Well that's my spiritual perspective on Sacrifice ...