What Does God Want from Me??

Dear William,

What is God wanting from me? What am I supposed to be learning? I'm tired of guessing and evidently being deaf & dumb because I haven't heard what the answer to this mess is?? Thank you in advance if you can help me with this.


Penny Davis


Dear Penny,

First off, you are not alone in asking these questions and so I'm going to answer them as specifically and as broadly as possible.

What Does God Want From Me??

The first thing I see this question do, Penny, is try and create a separate entity called God. With this entity created as a separate being and having supernatural powers we have essentially created someone to blame. We have created an entity by which to pass the responsibility when life isn't going our way.

Many people use God as a crutch in their belief systems and when things aren't going in the desired manner they ask, "Why, God, have you forsaken me?" or "What did I do to deserve this?" or "Why am I being punished, God?"

Let's first realize what God is - doesn't that make sense prior to asking things from him/her? God is the source of divine universal energy of consciousness - the source by which all things are created and to which all things return. Everything around you - including you - is GOD... there is no separation between you and the infinite source of divine universal energy of consciousness.

God merely allows for you to ask and create whatever you wish for your reality to be. However, as beings of the third dimension of reality - the physical - we find it hard to believe that we wield such power of creation. Yet, look around you - every man-made object has been first a thought that was manifested; the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Skyscrapers, roads, some lakes and rivers, etc.

God wants for you to realize your true potential which is limitless and come from a place of love and divine energy throughout your earthly existence. God does not place expectations or limits on you, but rather, you do that yourself or you have allowed another to do so.

God wants for us to see the Divine INTERCONNECTEDNESS WITHIN IT ALL...

Whatever is happening in your life that makes you ask, "What does God want from me?" - you really should be asking, "What do I want from myself?"

Whatever it is align yourself with it and allow it to manifest by aligning your thoughts and actions with the desired result. Realize, know, and expect that it is coming in your direction just as fast as you are heading towards it.

So what does God want? For you to understand, accept, and take responsibility for your own creation of reality. God wants you to obtain everything you desire and more - you just have to learn to manifest it into your reality.


What am I supposed to be learning?

How to be love always and in all ways. How to live from a place of Spirit and put Ego in it's place.

Of course, Penny, we each have set out life lessons that we desired to learn and experience while here. The experiences in your life that are causing you to ask these questions are without a doubt part of your life lessons. Sit with them, Penny, ask yourself... "What was the Positive that came from this experience?" - It will be there you just have to see it for yourself.

You must, as we all must, discover your truth within this reality - we'll call this purpose. Here is how I encourage people to find their purpose, "If you were able to do one thing for the rest of your life and not make a dime from doing it. What would it be?"

The answer is your purpose - your passion - now, you just need to figure out how to make a career out of it. Two things will happen you'll love what you do and you'll be doing what you love!

I'm tired of guessing and evidently being deaf & dumb because I haven't heard what the answer to this mess is??

You simply haven't been listening.

I am willing to bet that you have been looking outside of yourself for all these answers when WITHIN is where you'll hear them. The problem is when we hear our Godself talk we pass it off as being weird or an abstract thought. Ever have a thought and wondered where it came from - only later to realize you should have listened? That's your Godself voice... learn to listen to it!

Stop thinking that you don't know what's best for you and looking outside of yourself for the answers - nobody knows you better than you. If you feel you've lost that connection - spend time with yourself and allow yourself to rediscover WHO YOU ARE!

Lastly, if you feel life is a mess realize who is in control of it - the thoughts you project are things that manifest.