The Art of Spiritual Love Making

Dear Friends,

We live in a hyper-sexual world ... sex dominates and it’s used to promote products, manipulate another, et cetera and, sadly, in today’s society it’s void of love and connection. Instead, primarily, sex has literally become “just sex” and done as a casual act rather than a spiritual one -- this is a disservice to humanity and is why we live in an overpopulated planet.

Today, people are so afraid to be vulnerable with another and share an intimate connection on a soul level -- making love requires this dynamic. When you decide to make love to another VS. casual sex it takes on a whole new meaning and becomes an entirely different experience.

To understand this, we must have an awareness that love is the highest and purest form of expression. So, to that end, making love is the physical embodiment of that expression - it is joining with another in a special and unique way where you both accept each other and enter into cosmic alignment. Your souls and consciousness become one and your hearts beat with the pulse of the universe. It is an overpowering experience where you cannot compare it to anything else because you know that in those moments - time stands still, the universe takes a breath, and everything becomes more vibrant and alive. It is pure magic.

Now, to have this experience you have to surrender to love and not only be willing to be completely vulnerable with someone, but also give yourself completely to them - mind, body, and soul. This means every touch, kiss, nibble, thrust et cetera is not a random act but one set with intention and done with love, purpose and meaning. It is to say, “I see you and I receive you in the purest way.” It is to say I love you in each caressing move you make as you are honoring the magic and GOD energy within your partner. When you look at someone you are in love with you are fully enamored and your eyes twinkle with the same magic and energy that creates galaxies and universes.

Making love is both a macrocosm and microcosm experience which is why it’s a breathtaking experience too. Casual sex is mostly about getting what you want out of it whereas making love is giving your partner what they need and holding them in the highest regard. When both partners are giving to the other in this way then the experience transcends space and time and you become all about them - fully connected, existent in a universe of just the two of you. If you are truly in love with your current partner in life and aren’t making love - then, I suggest, be willing to go there or pull your feelings and approach to sex in question. Everyone deserves to make love and be made love to.

In Love and Light,