Believing is Seeing

Many people say, "Seeing is Believing," but I believe the opposite is true.

Far too many people, underestimate the power of belief and trust far too much what they see with their eyes. Yet, we know that the eyes can be deceived such as in the case of optical illusions, magic tricks, etc.

In fact, we currently, are experiencing one of the greatest illusions ever preformed -- the physical reality. It is so real to many, they would argue that it exists -- a powerful illusion for sure!

Yet, science is catching up to concepts that Mystics and Metaphysicians have known for years -- that nothing exists outside of consciousness and that the world we see today -- is one we have created.

Belief in something is like watering a plant -- it takes root and spreads. Think, for a moment, what are some of your beliefs? Did you always have them? If not, when did they start? What happened in your life to "cause" this belief? Who told you this belief? Then, ask yourself, one final question:

Does this belief serve your highest good and intention?

Holding onto beliefs that no longer serve us -- is like the Achilles heel of mankind.

It has been proven that negative beliefs cause dis-ease in the body; cancer, headaches, back pain, stomach pain, etc. It literally weakens the physical body, in fact, it goes far beyond that and into what we eat, drink, hear, etc.

But, let's focus on ones beliefs.

Where do beliefs come from?

Truth be told, they come from human conditioning -- we pick them up like trinkets along the road of life. Some come from fellow travelers that we meet along the road, others come from perceptions of our experiences, and then of course family, friends, colleagues, teachers, etc.

When you are young and impressionable you tend to believe -- that is to accept -- another's belief system that is projected on you. A good example of this, is racism that is obviously a "learned belief" -- where from? Parents, most-likely or some type of experience.

I once heard a story of a young child who grew up in an all white town and one day, when this child was a teen, he saw for the first time an African American. This being a new experience he didn't know what to think and actually asked somebody, "What's that?"

He then, brought into his awareness, that some had a darker pigmentation of the skin than others, but at first it was a jolt to his system because it was the very first time he had ever experienced an African American.

Hating is not a natural belief or emotion for us to have -- it is learned. When we come in with the innocence and love of a child we do not have one ounce of hate in our body.

So how does it get there? Through conditioning, my friend, as you grow up you hear things, learn things, and then seek out experiences to corroborate your teachings -- so to speak. All of this, is done unbeknownst to you.

Think for a moment, if you think you are fat or overweight -- what occurs when you are reading the paper, watching TV, listening to conversations, etc. ?

You see food commercials, advertisements for gym memberships, weight loss cures, clothes don't fit you and people are even talking about obesity and weight loss. What triggered this -- was a simple belief that you found resources to back up.

We do this daily and unconsciously -- it is in our unconscious mind where we hoard the collection of beliefs that we have acquired through our journey. Did you know 90% of what you do in an awake conscious state of mind is controlled by your unconscious mind?

So, that means your thoughts, words, and actions are controlled by the beliefs and the perceptions of experiences locked away in your unconscious mind. So your current reactions to things is due largely in part to past experiences and beliefs.

So then it stands to reason, that a person who yearns to be "in control" of their life needs to have a way to "control" the unconscious mind, right?

Well, let's just say that CONTROL is an illusion -- the only thing you really can control is your perception of things and your responses to them -- which in some aspect relate to your beliefs.

So, it's possible that your beliefs could not only be causing dis-ease in the body but misery in life. One of the hardest things a person can do it shift beliefs -- or is it?

Actually, shifting a belief is just a matter of retraining the unconscious mind to look for and support a new belief.

The first part, of this is tricky because you actually need to "plant" the new belief into your subconscious mind through use of meditation and affirmations.

For example,

"I'm overweight" can be replaced by,

"I am healthy, happy, and whole as I trust that Divine Mind is above my addiction to food and will help me make better choices to reach my ideal weight of ____"

That's just an example, but can you see how that motivates you -- knowing you are not alone in this battle? By turning it over to your divine mind -- you are, by in large, saying, "I don't know how I'm going to get there, but I know I will."

Now, it's important, to take an affirmation and repeat it daily -- several times, if needed, and to back it up by aligning your actions with it.

Also, in this case, it may be helpful to say the affirmation while making a food selection.

Think of an affirmation as your way of Affirming a New Belief.

Are you with me??