The Secret of Life

Life can be a blessing when you choose to ride out and meet it each and every day, moment to moment.

Many people feel stuck because they are chasing someone else’s dream , vision, and idealistic aspirations — of course, this will make you feel unhappy and unfulfilled!! So pause, where you are at this very moment and ask yourself, “Whose Life Am I living?”

The answer may surprise you. I have worked with scores of people in a variety of careers and when I find discord or unhappiness — it’s typically due to the fact they are living someone else’s dream or vision of themselves. They have become victim of conditioning and have let themselves “settle” for far less than they want or deserve. In fact, I have worked with actors who have said, “I never asked for all this and frankly I never wanted it.”

Whoa, show stopper! Right? We look at an actor or actress and think — “They have arrived!” Yet, we never stop to think despite all the money and success — are they happy and fulfilled? As a society, we have equated money = success and vice versa — but, money isn’t the end goal for a lot of people.

Let’s face it, there are people who have a lot of money who are miserable within their own life because they don’t feel fulfilled — they may have achieved that dream they have been chasing all along only to find out it wasn’t theirs. Instead, they “gave up” their own dream or put it “on the back burner” to pursue the aspiration of success because we feel that is of utmost importance. Yet, success to me is vastly different than success to you — so, one needs to get clear on what success is for you!

What is it that you ultimately want out of life?

The Secret to Life is asking yourself the right questions and allow the answers to come in.

One must live for themselves — not out of Ego — but because when they are living full and vibrantly they become a greater capacity for change in the world and the lives of those around them. I say to my clients all the time, “If you are busy doing this for that person, that for this person, and helping this one do that, etc. What’s left for you?”

So let me say this, if you are at work or in a job where you are highly stressed, feel overworked, are driven to smoke or drink, and can’t wait for Friday — it’s NOT the job for you! Get out, leave, run far away and find your purpose and passion for living — life is too short to spend time in a cramped cubicle UNLESS that IS your PASSION!

Now, there are going to be moments, even in the best of circumstances where you feel overwhelmed — but, one can be overwhelmed with work they LOVE doing or with work they HATE doing. For some, they are very analytical and so doing accounting or book keeping is fun and they LOVE doing it ! On the other hand, there are people that get into a career field because they think, “so and so was in this field and they made lots of money, were able to do what they wanted, and was successful.” Is this true? Maybe, but the point is if this person follows this line of thought into a career — they won’t be living THEIR PASSION. They would have pursued the life of someone they felt was “SUCCESSFUL” … a projection that may ultimately be far from the truth. That person they thought was successful may HATE their job, inundated the stress, and may ultimately being going insane for having selected that path.

So again, are you pursuing YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS? Or that of another? Is your pursuit because you want it or because your parents, a teacher, or friend said – “You’d be good at … ”

The biggest person you OWE in life is yourself — answer that debt first and all others will be paid. That’s not to say there won’t be struggle because struggle = growth, but you may “struggle” far less because you love what you do, you are passionate about it, and life is working for you!

When life is working for you — it’s because you are on purpose! You aren’t sacrificing your wants and desires for someone else, but instead, you say let me take you on a journey! Everyone around you will ride the wave of your success because you will magnify it, share it, and others will be provided for and encouraged to live their inspired life!

Trust me, my work as a Psychic Medium, has taught me that we don’t want to be on our death bed with the “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s but didn’t syndrome”. You don’t want to wonder, “I wonder what my life would have been if … ”

Instead, you want to say, “I lived fully, openly, and loved freely.” You want to reflect on the dawning of each day of your life and say, “I arose to each day knowing their may be challenges, expected them, and still met the day fully with an open heart and a smile on my face — knowing that my life was mine to live as I desired and because I loved myself deeply and truly I was able to make a difference to those that mattered to me. I lived an inspired life.”

If you were to die tomorrow — could you say that? If not, when would now be a good time to start living YOUR INSPIRED LIFE?