Shattered Dreams

Have you ever felt like your dreams were shattered? Feeling breathless and maybe even for the slightest moment without hope?

Dreams are living breathing things - they evolve and transmute and sometimes what you may interpret as a "death of a dream", may simply be the Universes way of allowing you to embrace and accept the birth of it's new incarnate.

The majority of people, however, give up before they are able to see this or realize the manifestation of the dream itself.

It has always been my understanding that the Universe sends you challenges as if to say, "Are you sure THIS is what you want?" or "Are you sure this is who you are?"

Have you ever declared something about yourself and then it seemed to attract a lot of challenge? Welcome to the test, my friend. The way, you pass is standing true to who and what you know yourself to be or evolving that vision - sometimes, it shifts ever so slightly.

Recently, I had some major projects fall through and it came as a blow - I'm human after all. But it didn't take me long to start seeking the positive and even though this news came shortly after my status which said; "Whatever happens must be for your highest good and intention and you will emerge on the other side of it better for it."

Sometimes an artist will drop a painting and when putting it back to continue they have a new perspective of it. A photographer, might line up for a shot and something photo bombs the first shot, but the one just after that - the one they didn't see was the shot of the century.

We all face days where "throwing in the towel" and saying, "I give up" seems like the best choice. Trust me, what the Universe has in store for you is bigger and greater than anything you can dream yourself - don't give up, but surrender to the possibilities of greatness that lay ahead.

Instead of seeing doors slamming shut - know (even if you can't see them) that a thousand new doors of opportunity flew open.