The Power of Words

Words - they have the power to uplift and inspire, motivate and empower, unite and harmonize, devastate and destroy, hurt and disempower, etc.

When people use words they don't often think about their selection and the universal implications or energetic magnetic wave that ripples out from them. Words do not need to be spoken to have a profound effect on you and those around you - think about that little voice inside yourself. It certainly has an effect on what you do and why, no?

But what if you could improve the words you use and as a direct result change the results you are getting?

Every negative thought can be reframed to embody a positive outlook - yet, we often find ourselves settling with the negative one because well it's easy. The truth is it's only easy because you have trained yourself in accepting it more - but, when you learn to reframe and use words that empower rather than disempower it's just as easy.

Shacharit, Prayer, Invocation, Mantra, Affirmations, etc. are times we focus on word selection and the intention behind them; however, imagine the immense power if your self talk and verbal talk became the embodiment of living prayer.

We don't need to set aside a time of our day or life to select optimum words - we can choose to utilize only the words that will be in alignment with our universal self.

No matter what you are going through the words you accept to use and give power to can enhance that situation or drastically alter it - in an instant.

So many people say, "I'm not good enough," but when you switch that to, "I am enough," or better still, "I am more than enough," it totally changes your inner feeling which will change your outcomes.

This week, pay attention to the words you are using and when you catch something out of alignment of your universal truth - rephrase and speak again. Then just notice the difference it makes not only in the results you get but in how you feel overall.