A Little on the Law of Attraction

Have you ever wanted something so badly that it seems your whole life depended on it ?? Perhaps, it was a raise, a loan, a new car, a computer game, etc. -- whatever the prize, it seems that everything you did was contingent on that outcome.

Well, let's keep in mind when you desire something so strongly -- you are actually telling the universe that you don't have it and thus that is what your true focus is on -- so, that is what you continue to manifest for yourself.

One must always remain "disconnected" from the outcome and by that -- what I mean is that you cannot depend on the outcome in order to live a better life. Instead, you must think more along the lines of "When my new car comes it will be a great bonus!"

See how that statement anticipates the car, but doesn't need the car ?? When we do something because we feel we NEED it -- we are really saying we LACK it. And so, while we are constantly trying to convince ourselves that we are really in pursuit of this "great American Dream" -- we aren't aware that our pursuit is actually counter productive, in a sense.

So then your question is, "Well, William, how do we then manifest that which we desire while remaining unbiased to the outcome?"

This is probably one of the hardest aspects of the "Law of Attraction". But, simple things usually are the most difficult do to -- yet, in this case, all you need to do is trust that it is coming towards you as fast as you are to it and that divine "timing" plays a role.

So, instead of thinking, "I really need for this to happen ..." change it to "When this happens I will be able to ..." or "I see myself .... when this happens".

Do you see the difference?

One uses the Law of Expectation -- where you trust that the Universal Mind within you is taking care of things to get you to your desired result.

See when you set an intention via thought or verbally -- you are making a statement to the Universe and the Universe translates it into a statement of Declaration.

So, if Bob hates his job because he feels he isn't being compensated enough -- then the statement he is making to the Universe is ... "My life is miserable because I lack wealth."

Your thoughts are either fueling an abundant thought pattern or a lacking one. I meet people every day that bitch and moan about this or that and are missing what is at the heart of their issue.

Have you ever said something to a loved one our spouse just before going off to work that was mean or nasty -- not the best way to start the day, right? You've essentially set the intention of the day in a negative way and the day will unfold as such UNTIL you make a shift.

Most of us, however, don't make the shift and end up having a really shitty day. Yet, the opportunity to shift is in every moment but the choice is yours on if you will or not.

The same principle applies when manifesting -- ask yourself, am I coming from abundance or lack? Then make the shift accordingly.

The Universe is an abundant supply of potentialities that you can grab, focus on, and bring into a manifested reality. Typically, you are good at saying, "I want the new dress," and then follow up with a BUT.

Let's list some buts:

I don't deserve it.

I cannot afford it.

Bills need to be paid.

____ needs ___ first.

____ is more important.

I'll never have something like that.

Recognize any of the aforementioned BUTS?

So, let's come up with some affirmations, shall we?

"I know and trust that the Universe is clearing a path for ______ to become manifested into my life and that by aligning my thoughts and actions accordingly it will be here in divine timing."

The above states that your desire is heading towards you, the Universe is clearing a way, and that YOU have some work and have to participate in order for it to manifest.

Let's do another one;

"I know that my God-Mind within is adjusting everything in my life in so that ____ may manifest into my 'physical reality' and that by keeping my thoughts and actions focused on ___ daily it will increase the vibrational alignment and intensify its manifestation. "

Your job in manifesting is ultimately this:

1. Set the intention

2. Come from a place of knowing

3. Remain aligned and focused; thoughts, words, and deeds -- need to be in alignment with intended manifestation....come from already having it.

4. You don't need to worry HOW ... trust the Universe will take care of the HOW as long as you are doing 1 - 3.