Where is God?

When Sandy Hook elementary school came under fire -- I wrote the following post and it’s messages still holds true...

Anytime tragedy strikes you often hear people say, “Where was GOD?” or “Why did GOD let this happen?”

As a spiritual teacher, I find it funny that many struggle to separate themselves from their idea of “GOD” and then when we need “GOD” most we blame “GOD” for not being there. Yet, GOD is and always will be everywhere.

GOD was the 27 innocents that lost their physical life and GOD was also with the shooter. GOD was in the courageous actions of the teachers who sacrificed their life to protect another; GOD was in the flow of love and support from communities around the Nation and World; GOD was the police and EMT officials that arrived on scene; GOD was the parents mourning and remembering their children; GOD was the parents who empathized with the parents that lost their children; GOD was in Obama’s Speech to the Nation; and so, my friends, a better question is WHERE WASN’T GOD?

When tragedy strikes we often look for someone or something to blame; the shooter, the gun, gun control laws, and even GOD. Yet, it’s not so much about where to put the blame, but rather where do we go from here? What actions can be taken to create a positive change and protect others ?

Children don’t expect to go to school and come under fire; yet, this isn’t the first time and won’t be the last. We need to get to the root of the problem and yes, part of that problem, may be the fact that civilians can have assault weapons. But, as I stated the other day in an Blog Post - “We need to reach these people before they snap psychologically.”

A full psych evaluation might tell us that the person is “sane” in that moment – but, doesn’t say what might be triggers for them to snap. A parent of a murdered child, for example, may snap if confronted with a killer or if the justice system lacks the evidence to convict and results in a mistrial. Now, I’m not advocating for vigilante justice but rather stating that nearly everyone has a “breaking point”. And I believe when people reach that point and actions align they snap and can do unthinkable and even uncharacteristic things.

We have had parents kill their own children to impress another possible mate; mothers microwaving their infants; spouses hiring killers; bludgeoning someone to death; hate crimes; etc. It isn’t the tool that kills but rather the passion, perception, and mind of the person behind it.

We didn’t ban microwaves on the actions of the breakdown of a woman – did we? No. We didn’t ban wood-chippers because a man decided to dispose of his wife – did we? Nope, still being sold.

THE BEST SOLUTION IS: Reaching the mind before it suffers a psychological breakdown and getting that person all the help they need.

Personally, I believe certain things such as guns should never have come into existence; however, guns aren’t what’s killing people it is merely the vehicle that some choose to use.

So, GOD, exists in the solution as well and the solution is helping those that cry out for it. If someone says something that reveals intent – where in the past we might have ignored it – “I’ll kill ___ ” as something coming from anger, but anger is emotion and emotion is powerful enough to cause action.

So, I believe we need to not be passive and must become active in order for this outcome to change; active listeners, active lovers, active thinkers, and active in taking action. We can no longer assume the motives of another – we must report and allow psychologist and law enforcement begin to take each threat seriously.

If we want to create a better world we must take different actions.