Psychic Reveal of Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is a trendsetter and trendspotter – she is highly
intellectual and is all about innovation and change – using her
platform to spread the message. She is open-minded but also tends to
stay true to her own opinions.

Ellen is constantly seeking what’s best for humankind – she is about
helping others grow, connect, and breakdown stereotypes and schools of
thought that no longer hold weight in her eyes.  She is all about
giving openly and with love and tends to overextend herself sometimes
– with the best of intentions though. Due to this giving nature –
she’ll also find herself surrounded by takers those that understand
her giving nature and desire to use it to their advantage. My advice,
Ellen needs to realign herself with high caliber people and
re-evaluate questionable relationships from time to time (every 6
months or so … would be good. lol).

With Ellen, what you see on TV is very much what you get with her –
she is highly opinionated and isn’t afraid to share them. She isn’t
about to be bullied into a corner or back down because you disagree –
she is open but when she feels she has discovered the “correct path”
she stays true to it.

Ellen has found the perfect match in Portia because they both like
freedom and independence – yet, also when together enjoy the quality
time re-connecting with each other. They really balance each other out
well and understand each other at a very deep level of conscious

At home, Ellen is the hostess with the mostess – she is altruistic and
giving and all guest feel welcome and cared for at the DeGeneres / de
Rossi household.

With work she excels at everything she does and is constantly in
competition with herself – she is very much a creator of new
opportunities for herself and others. She has a wild ability to be
able to see things for what they are and instantly find ways to
improve them. She loves being creative and coming up with new ideas
and avenues to reach out and give back to people.

Ellen is one of those celebrities where she realizes the importance of
her fans and how much they mean to her bottom line – they are her
bottom line. Everything she does she does to serve them better, enrich
their lives, and uplift their lives.  She isn’t attached to her
financial abundance in fact it’s just a vehicle for her to give back.