Embrace Yourself

Embrace yourself! Many people are trying in desperation to live up to the expectation of another’s vision of themselves, another’s dream for them, and ultimately they lose sight of themselves in the process. They become more and more convinced that this is who they are and what they want – yet, on a soul level know it’s BS.

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Divine Oneness

Mother Earth. Father Sky. Animal Brother and Sisters. Brother River. Sister Lake. All of these echoes of a distant past – a time where honor and reverence and divineness surrounded us with a tornado of love – a whirlwind of interconnectedness.

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You've Got Problems?

Dear Friends,

Come in, sit down, and warm yourself by the fire as I reveal a Universal Truth.

Perhaps, you are familiar with the catch phrase, “There is no problem too large for you to handle,” that if it is before you it’s for you, yes?

People when faced with “problems” don’t feel this way at all - instead, they feel overwhelmed, not in control, at the mercy of it, and often choose the experience of “suffering” because of it. However, what I’m about to say will change your relationship to your problems and subsequent suffering and here it is;

If you feel overwhelmed by the perception of a problem / challenge in your life it is because you have perceived it as something greater than YOU. In doing this, you’ve automatically dwarfed yourself compared to the problem; however, the truth is ... YOU ARE GREATER THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE ... therefore, everything else is smaller in relationship to self than you perceive to be true.

A problem, therefore, is condition of the mind - a belief system and limitation that exists only outside the greater truth of who YOU are and what you are truly capable of. Let me first say, that your spirit (consciousness) is not bound by space and time much less the corporeal illusion of a body - instead, it extends far beyond and encompasses everything. There is no/thing that doesn’t exist within the confines of universal consciousness -- the GOD MIND. So, knowing that truth ... How big do your “problems” feel in relationship to the unlimited Cosmic Being YOU ARE?

Take this truth and use it to flip the switch on the “reality” of your “problems” and put them in the proper context in relationship to who you are and suddenly everything changes.

In Love and Light,


Self Love

One of the most important things you can do to make a greater impact in the world is love yourself. You see, far too many people, have an inner war going on because they don't like who they are or rather who they perceive themselves to be.

When we aren't at peace with who we are the inner conflict evolves like a virus and spreads into our actions,relationships, and all areas of our life.

Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself," which implies that we must first love ourselves.

If we cannot love and relate to the person we spend the most time with how do we expect to love and relate to others?

When you have a negative perspective about yourself it doesn't just affect you - it affects every relationship and interaction you have. How you think, feel, act, react, etc. all reflect our conversation with ourselves.

Imagine how your day would unfold if you started it with this, "I boldly accept myself for all that I am an ever will be. I love myself deeply and know that I am more than enough."

Every single person is a diamond - a universal gem - priceless and just like a diamond shines better when polished and clean so do you because self love is the polish.

With that mindset, what would you undertake that you ordinarily wouldn't? How would your thoughts be different? Your actions be greater? You relationships be improved?

It all starts with you ...