Video: Was Jesus Psychic?? William Constantine answers this and more!

Believe in Yourself Transform the World

Vlog Addressing the importance of believing in yourself. Also talks about Societies high standards of physical appearances.

Unlimited Potential, Infinite Possibilities

We are beings of unlimited potential swimming in a sea of infinite possibilities — start living the life you want and desire today.

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Recap Trip to NYC

Wow…the trip to the city was an interesting one. I am so honored to be among the roster of The Learning Annex instructors.

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Upcoming Events

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to share some upcoming events with you all.

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You are already everything you want to be! You just haven’t allowed yourself to experience it!

So many of us are caught up in the RAT Race — the illusion of a struggle that really only exists because you have created it and allowed it to continue. Yet, to really get out of the illusion of struggle we must first understand that we put that struggle there for a reason — it’s only there because we wanted it to be. Often, we don’t even know why we have caused these events or experience forth within our life — yet, we have and when we are tired of the struggle we turn skyward and pass blame.

In understanding that we already have everything we desire — we must operate from that place. So many of us have become tight with our money, penny pincher’s if you will; however, that mere act of pinching pennies is blocking you from experiencing abundance in the financial aspects of your life.

How many of us have sat behind a little old lady, a homeless person, a person with a handicap of some sort, etc. while they were trying to place money on the register in order to see if they had enough. Perhaps, the person was slightly embarrassed and fumbled around — at this moment, how many of you feel irritated with the person? How many of you desire to help this person, but don’t? Yet, on the other hand, how many of you feel that call to help them and DO!

Far less actually show compassion and help a person in need. What would people think? Why is it that we care so much about how others perceive us? Moreover, how is helping a person going to reflect badly on you? OMG, you actually have a heart and are compassionate about another human being — a stranger.

First, we need to eliminate the term stranger from our dictionary. None of us are strangers — we are all one. You are me, and I am you, and there is no difference between us. When we finally get this message the world will change for the better. Whatever, we give to another we give to ourselves — see how this works?

Here is a simple exercise that  I teach people within my workshops;

1. Create a list of traits that you have (love, compassion, humor, honesty, understanding, wisdom, etc.)

2. Share these traits with everyone whose life you touch in any way — be it in person, online, over the telephone, etc. Let these very traits seem to flow from you in abundance.

2 1/2. See no difference, no separation, between you and another — see them as yourself for they are.

3. Write down how you feel after doing this.

4. Continue this each and every day and you will see drastic changes in not only your life, but the lives around you.

Let me know how your EXPERIENCE is when you BE that which YOU DESIRE!

In Love and Light,


Love is all there is

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We all seem to be wandering the planet searching for love. Yet, what many don’t realize is that we already have it! In fact, we are it!

However, many of us don’t come from a place of love — no instead we come from a place self doubt, ego, and the material. We actually think that the more we have — wealth, power, fame, etc. the more successful we are, but that isn’t the truth. We also are following this concept that the love of another will bring us happiness, but those that subscribe to this thought are misguided. While the love of another feels great it is not needed to be happy.

Love is all there is. Look around you the earth, the sky, the stars, the trees, flowers, and YOU are all love. It is this fear of love, compassion, and desire to create differences that brings about war, chaos, and destruction. Why is it that we are constantly trying to be different from one another? Why can we not just accept that we are all the same? That race, religion, ethnic background, fame and fortune, etc. are all illusions of our own creation.

We are living in a society filled with fear and lacking in love and compassion. Children, the future of the world, are bringing in guns to school and shooting others. Children are killing children, my GOD what are we creating here? When are we going to stop blaming others for the suffering of others and realize that we all have contributed to the suffering of the World?

It is easy for us to say that GOD is to blame. God isn’t to blame at all for any of the negative things that have happened in this world — we are!

Until we can come from a place of love, act from a place of love, and physically be love this world will continue down this path.

When we realize that you and I are the same — there is no difference. That the illusion of you and I being separate is just that an illusion created by your need or desire to feel separate.

Imagine a world, if you will, where we all recognized that we were one — that we were love. The world as we know it would be totally different. There would be no rape, murder, violence, war, prejudice — we would all be operating from LOVE!

A world like this is worth striving for isn’t it? It’s worth changing our outlook for isn’t it?

When we are in public why is it that we cannot express who we are? Why must we shy away from connecting with others? How many of you walk around in a mall and talk with a perfect stranger — a customer, a fellow shopper, etc? How many of us smile at another just for the sake of smiling? How many of us acknowledges another’s existence — outside of our own circle? Why do we feel the need to have social circles as a safety net anyway — is mingling outside the circle going to be a violation of an unwritten code?

Why do we as a society lack compassion? Why is it that when we see a homeless person we shy away and pretend that they don’t exist? Was it not us who put them there in some way in the first place? We sure are contributing in them staying there. I was homeless for over a year and lived out of my car and lack of compassion was alway apparent.

WE ARE LOVE! Start acting like it, act from it, be love! Love is all there is — everything else is an illusion.

In Love and Light,


You are God

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The illusion that God is separate from us has loomed over our heads for decades. We even enhanced this illusion by giving it measurement in the location of God’s Kingdom; heaven, Elysium, nirvana, Paradise, Valhalla, Olympus, etc.

The fact of the matter is that God is and never was separate from ourselves. I believe that we created this illusion in order to have someone to blame when things in our life weren’t going right. Far easier to do that rather than look inward for the answer, right?

From the divine moment that we were conceived, to the moment we took our first breath, and even now we have always been Gods and Goddesses. We are co-creating the world that we live in.

There are those who would believe that to be blasphemous; however, it’s to those very people that I say they have been living in blasphemy because they have been denying their Divine Self.

Within each and every one of us is a soul filled with love and that is all we know. The turmoil and struggle of mankind is not only self created and unnecessary it is a foreign concept to our Divine Self.

God wants to live an abundant life filled with joy, health, wealth, and more. Yet, if you don’t align yourself and your thoughts with this you’ll elude it. Then you’ll turn around and blame God for not providing it for you.

God is not our waiter – he doesn’t serve us the life we desire, but rather helps us co-create this life. Think of it like this – you and a friend become partners and want to build a corporation. You are constantly there and putting forth the effort to establish this corporation, but your friend is off doing other unrelated things.

The corporation fails because the partnership was broken and the effort, one sided. This is how many of us live our life with God – in a one-sided failed corporation. The corporation in this scenario is your life! I’ll tell you what – it isn’t God who isn’t active in your life and failing you. It is you failing you!

If this scenario was true and you burned a bridge with a partner odds are you would never partner with them again. However, God is always there for us waiting for us to ask the right questions and join him in a positive co-creation of our life.

Take a moment to reflect on your life.

If you answered no to any of these questions – YOU have the POWER to CHANGE that answer!

You are not a lesser being than God, you are equal, and have been created in God’s image. You in combination with God are co-creating your life. You are asking God for things and he is giving you all you are asking for. BUT are YOU asking CORRECTLY?

Before we can even begin to cover that topic we must first be on the same page and in agreement that YOU are a DIVINE BEING – a living God.

Enjoy the Ride

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People get too caught up in the drama that is their own life — that they simply accept to exist rather than truly live. We have all made poor choices in the past, but what is most important is the choices that you are about to make. How we perceive our past experience is really up to you; however, understand that your past no matter how dark has a glimmer of light. This sparkling diamond is the positive to such a dark cave. If we choose to focus on the positive instead of the negative — how would that influence the way you see your past?

What is glorious about our past is simply that it is in the past. It has no real power over you unless you grant it such power. There is a saying, “Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it,” and I once believed that to be true. Yet, now as I am more enlightened I believe that to be false. We shouldn’t forget the past but rather learn from it and I believe that is the purpose behind this saying. I would say, “The mere action of focusing on our past is giving our past power and control over our present and future.”
If we are constantly living in the past, feeling sorry for our experiences, we are never really living in the present. If this is the case, than how can we truly be in a place to create change in our lives? People are constantly looking to an outside source to create change . Change doesn’t come from an outside source it comes from within and your higher self, if you will.

For many years, after my molestation I not only hated the person that did this to me but was angry at everyone, everything, and my life seemed to have no purpose. It took me a lot of inner work and several years before I realized that my life not only had a meaning and a purpose, but the negative experience was a blessing in disguise. When I began my work as a Psychic and even now as a teacher, I am continuously meeting survivors of  rape, molestation,  and  I am able to have tremendous  insight into their experience and am able to help them in a profound way. In helping them, I also continue to heal. I have actually reached a place where I am thankful to some extent of the molestation because it has given rise to who I choose to be today!

Life is a brilliant ride with many ups and downs, twists and turns, and an occasional loop but it’s process of never ending learning. You can choose to sit back and mope because negative things have happened to you OR you can choose to see the positive in all things and LIVE your LIFE. Enjoy every breath and give pause before you exhale to really appreciate the experience.

Only you have the power to create the life that you want to live! You have the power to manifest that life if you so choose, but it starts with breathing, choice, and perception. It is your choice how you will perceive every experience that you have gone through.

When faced with the illusion of stress and negativity overcome that with thoughts of thankfulness and positivity. When you find yourself throwing a pity party don’t join in — change your thoughts, your breathing pattern, and notice the change that will occur.

You are a powerful being filled with unlimited potential and you need to not let people tell you otherwise!

Much love to you all!!



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I believe for one to fully appreciate life we must reflect on our life to date from time to time.

I grew up, at least for the first seven years of my life, a very lonely child. I was raised in a system where you bounced from one house to the next, from one family to the next — never really gaining a sense of stability or strong family values. I can remember feeling unwanted, unloved, and very much abandoned. As one can imagine, the discipline from house to house changed as well. What was acceptable in one home wasn’t in another — different consequences for each action.

This system called foster care was supposed to be safe for abandoned children — yet, I have many horrible memories. Some of my worst life experiences happened within the first seven years of my life within the sanctuary of the system. Yard sticks, large wooden spoons, belts folded over, soap in the mouth, pulling of ears, standing in the corner for hours on end, segregated from the family, and even molestation. Two and a half years of molestation caused me to retreat so far within the confines of myself — when outwardly I was building survival tactics.

At the age of seven, I was adopted by two loving people. However, I was a damaged child who could appreciate and respect those who adopted me, but never could truly see them as mom and dad. Instead, they were imposter’s and felt that love would be the cure to my heartache. I rejected love because it didn’t feel natural. I saw the love they had for their son, but it always was different for me. They were trying to parent me as if I was a normal child, but I wasn’t a normal child. I had very different needs and they weren’t met.

I can remember trying to let my parents know of my ability. I would let slip things that I shouldn’t know or couldn’t have known. In fact, when I was adopted, I asked them how much they paid for me. A valid question but an ordinary child wouldn’t know that money exchanged hands — they of course denied it. In fact, when I described my adoptive father’s grandparents to his mother I made a believer out of her, but they (my adoptive parents) didn’t believe in me or her.

It took me many years to see my ability to see and communicate with spirits as a gift and not a curse. It outcasted me from my peers, my family, but the Spirit world became the one true constant in my life. I remember listening to spirits as the molestation was going on — they seemed to have brought me to a place of peace and inner light within myself. A place so tucked away within myself that nobody could hurt me there — a place that I learned to trust and find utterly peaceful.

Things happen in our lives not because we deserve them, but because they help us grow from the inside out. The first time I was doing a psychic reading and the link to a molestation came through — I wanted to run away in the other direction. Spirit didn’t let me and urged me to help this woman on her healing journey just as they had helped me. And so began my life of servitude to Spirit.

I have learned so much about life and the fact that we have an ability to survive. Life isn’t meant to be a stroll down easy street we are forced to make choices and sacrifices — some small and some rather large. It doesn’t matter how other people judge you in this life, but how you will judge your choices in the Afterlife that will count.

The hardest choice that I made to date was leaving my ex’s because in some sick twisted way that meant that I was leaving my children too. Of course, I will be able to love, appreciate, and validate their existence; however, the days of seeing them on a daily basis are gone. Sure there is a lot of heartache and pain because I love them and miss them terribly, but remaining in a relationship with either ex would have hurt the children more. To see the arguing and lack of love hurts a child more than you can ever imagine — trust me I know. So I left, for both myself and for my children to be able to provide them a life that they wouldn’t have if I didn’t make that sacrifice.

If I had to remain in a relationship where I was unhappy, not in love, etc. it would have lasting effects on the children. I also wouldn’t be able to be the best father I could be given the circumstances — yet, now I can be!

It’s always easy for people to sit in judgment of someone else — yet, it is really for the judged to judge themselves. That is how it will be in the end during the Afterlife Review. Who are we to pass judgment or ridicule someone because they made a choice that we may not understand or agree with? Is that really our place?

I have found love with Cheryl. I also love her children just as if they were my own flesh and blood. Sure people have their own ideas of this relationship or condemn me for leaving my children and e-mails asking “How could a father do that?”

My question to them is, “How could a truly loving father not leave to protect their own children from the hurt and pain that would cause if an unhappy relationship were to continue?”

I have seen many broken homes where the parents are still together — arguing and fighting, passing blame, and tossing around verbal abuse. That isn’t an environment where a child should be raised — nor is that child getting a solid foundation to begin building their life and eventually their family.

On the other hand, I have witnessed families that have undergone a divorce survive and the children love both parents equally.

A true parent makes sacrifices on behalf of their child — for the better good of their child.

The river of life changes directions it’s up to us to flow with it and not drown. To understand that embracing change is uncomfortable but is often for the best. The river of life brings you to every place that you are supposed to be — it may not make sense to anyone else at the time. Hell it may not even make sense to you, but realize that everything happens for a reason.

Embrace that reason regardless of if you understand it. Know that you are meant to experience it and that it’s for your own benefit.

Accept your past and embrace the present to create a better future.

Live your life to the fullest!

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